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    I am new to wordpress. I develop my whole wordpress site online. I use a maintenance plug in that allows me to set a maintenance message while I can make changes and test my site online. (the site is open for admin but close for others)
    I heard some people develop it offline with a software from the pc. But if I develop it offline, then each time I have to update my database and website content files isn’t it?
    Also, I faced problems while replacing database through cPanel’s Restore Back Up option. I restored database from my computer which overrode and replaced the existing one or merged with the old database, I don’t know for sure. What’s the most convenient way of updating a database? I can access the database with my SQL database wizard and PHP MyAdmin but can not find its location so that I manually delete it and replace it with newer version of database or an old database if something goes wrong (like activating a faulty theme and site goes blank)
    I would like to know how you guys develop your wordpress site and also looking for some suggestions about my concerns.


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    If you add content to your site offline, you will need to update the database on the live site after every content update. Offsite development is usually best reserved for theme/plugin development and testing.

    I do everything online. No dev or test/stage environment necessary for most folks. Unless you’re doing what esmi stated or working on a site for a client, I really don’t see a need to do anything offline.

    Thak you esmi and Gabe Young for clarifying one side of my concern. But what I am more concerned about is, wordpress website back up and restore. Do you recommend back up and restore both website content and database at the same time, or should I just back up and restore a database?
    Also, when you restore a database, you first delete the existing one? If you upload the same database from back up without deleting the existing one, then the database is overwritten and replaced or it is merged with the new database?
    Hope you can help.

    If you intent to develop your site offline in your localhost , make sure your local server has the same config as the webhosting server that you might use the actual online site.
    Make sure both Apache / PHP & MySQL are of same version.
    This is the basic check that you need to do before working .

    Coming to your question.
    When you restore a database , the old database gets deleted & this gets in place on the database server.
    But to be on the safe side , delete the database manually & then create the database again & restore the database.
    As it would run smoothly.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Thanks phpsundar for your reply. That helped.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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