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  1. Emi
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've been helping a friend out and recently, we installed two plug ins, however, we're having some issues with one and for the other, we're just curious if it would be possible...

    1. Ajax Comments-Reply - If there any way we can make it so "# Comment(s)" is featured IN the comments box or to add a background around it? Similarly, if you click "Reply", you'll notice how the "E-mail notification" and "Logged in as/log in?" will then appear in a background along with the reply box--is there any way to have it have a background to begin with or move it to the bottom of the comment box (in which it'll move up or over if someone clicks to reply rather than just commenting)?

    2. Get Login - Is there any way to use it so it doesn't merge into pages? Right now, she just has a "Log in? and Register/Subscribe" text links above the page section under the logos. She'd essentially like it to replace those as she wants it to update automatically with just the Profile Page and Log out when the person is Logged in and Log in and Register when they're not. Obviously, right now, if someone logs in, that doesn't update. Another option is something similar to the Meta Widget, but without all the WordPress and RSS Links.

    My friend's blog: http://duffy.crystal-dreams.us/
    Comment page for reference: http://duffy.crystal-dreams.us/?p=581#comment-97

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