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  • Hi
    I’m looking through all the plugins on wordpres and I am trying to find a slider or carousel to show featured products , with an image and small description below
    I posted an example url, but some overzealous wordpress member proceeded to have this thread flagged, it is not my intention to promote any website as such

    Most of the plugins I have seen are either a one image slider, or to display photos but not content (nextgen)

    Also,it would be nice if I could click an “is featured” box when creating the post, and its automatically added to this carousel
    I would appreciate any help on this

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  • thank you very much for taking the time to reply
    i had seen the first extension you posted, off to look at the second one in more detail, though i have looked at it briefly,
    my main request is having such a slider on my home page, but what i want is to feature several latest or featured items, on a slider at a time.

    Imagine a row of items, with item name, image, and brief description
    From looking at the second plugin, i see what i have been seeing so far,
    i had originally posted a url as an example, but someone decided that i was promoting a site, which i found particularly hurtful, so thank you for replying

    Ok the dynamic content gallery seems a really good way to go, but my problem is, i would like the carousel to have several images displaying at once, with a little text detail below each image,
    At first look, i can only seem to get one image at a time.

    is the nextgen gallery suited to this scenario at all

    Thanks for your wonderful help

    hi again,
    it seems from speaking to the creator of those extensions, that it doesnt exactly do what i am trying to do,
    My aim is to display multiple images at once, with about 3-4 images on display, and then scrollers on either side, to display more

    Here is an image of what i am trying to do
    someone said something about jquery, but I am at loss to understand more


    I’m hunting for something similar.
    If you find anything can you let me know. If I find something I’ll let you know.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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