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  • Hello

    I have just tested wordpress, and it didn’t work, I allways get php errors like, (after intstall)

    Warning: parse_url(http:///wordpress/wp-cron.php)
    [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse URL in
    /var/www/vhosts/default/data/wordpress/wp-includes/cron.php on line 85

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by
    (output started at
    /var/www/vhosts/default/data/wordpress/wp-includes/cron.php:85) in
    /var/www/vhosts/default/data/wordpress/wp-includes/pluggable.php on
    line 770

    After I got this error I took a look at the line 85, in cron.php, In
    this line they try to split a url in parts, and the line before they
    get the url with “$cron_url = get_option( ‘siteurl’ ) .
    ‘/wp-cron.php’;” this $cron_url contains in my case
    “http:///wordpress/wp-cron.php” so here is the error “http:///”.

    So I just want to find out where the option “siteurl” get setted,

    I think it get setted by wp_cache_add to the global $wp_object_cache, but I don’t know where….

    I hope you could help me here.


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