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  • Hi there.
    I’m looking for a couple of plugins and have been googling and coming up short.
    It would be great if someone knew of something similar to the following:

    “Discussed in this post”
    A plugin that shows one or two subjects,tags or twitter hashtags and explains them in a small box beneath the post.
    For example: Write article about Google+. A small info box about google appears with link to more info at end of post.
    Write article about rap music and mention Jay-Z,a small info box about Roc-A-Fella Records and Jay-Z appears with link to more info at end of post.

    “Trending Tags”
    A box in the footer or at end of post that shows current trending tags on twitter and a link to twitter or shows links to articles containing those tags or hashtags.

    “On Twitter”
    A box at end of post where you can see what people are discussing about a tag or hashtag featured in post.

    “Related Posts on Other Sites”
    I already have a related posts plugin that finds posts on my site similar to the one being read, but I would also like a second one that shows related posts on other site.

    Post about dinosaurs.
    Related posts on my site:

    “post one”
    “post two”
    Related posts on other sites:
    BBC: Post on dinos
    HuffPost: post on Dinos
    The Times: post on Dinos

    Thanks in advance

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