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    Hello everyone, i need a plugin that is comptabile with the latest version of wordpress that will show small chunks of each blog that i make when the viistor comes across my blog homepage. Im having some strange things happeneing in Google and a lot of this i believe is because of this. Thanks in advance.

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  • You don’t need any plugin for that – you need to get familiar with the tool you are using.

    See the “more” tag in your Write subpanel; also read about the_excerpt template tag that can be used in multipost view template files (index, archive etc.)
    Note. The above are 2 (two) different techniques to avoid showing full post on the main page!

    Hey moshu im really confused by your response as i didnt see any more tah when i opened up my write sub panel, is there something im missing? Ina ddition, what i did was logged intow ordpress, clicked on options an dthen redaing scrolled down and saw an option that will allow me to show a summary of my post. I updated it, but i guess teh effects will only take place with new blog posts? Take care.

    I assume you are using the wysiwyg (visual) editor… otherwise you would be able to read the “more” quicktag. So, in between the green tree (image button) and ABC (spellchecker) – there you have your “more” button.

    Write 2 lines and click on that button. It will insert a “read more…” link wherever your cursor is. Continue writing. That’s what you were missing, yes.

    saw an option that will allow me to show a summary of my post.
    Wrong. You did NOT see any option like that. You saw an option about Syndication Feeds. That’s a different animal.

    Your right about the syndication feeds. And also, im not using the latest version of wordpress (thought i was) im using 2.3. When i got to write apost i do not see the “more” tab. Im not using the visual tag editor because there is no abc checker and i dont see any more tag. I think you are missing the point of my question, i already have a bunch of articles published on my site, i want to modify it so that snipplets will appear on the homepage. If you can give me a plugin that can automate this that would be great, if not, then tell me how i can edit past posts so that teaser articles will show on my homepage.

    Anyone has any suggestions? I know it cnat be hard because i see a lot of blogs that have chunks of their articles displayed on tehir homepage.

    If you are not using the wysiwyg (visual ediotr) then you MUST see this

    Moshu is referring to the visual editor being turned on and using icon #13 from this nice little FAQ from the partners 🙂

    What do all the icons mean?


    If you don’t see the more button, just switch to code from the WYSIWYG editor and type where you want the small chunk to end: <!--more-->


    Thanks guys, the <!–more–> tag is what i needed :).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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