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  • hi, i’m putting a site together to find the best teachers. the site will rank the best at a particular school, city, state or province and country. voting will be tabulated by the number of times a teachers name is inputted. i want the program to do all the work as i will not be inputting any info, teachers names or schools. it will be important that the information inputted by visitors is exactly the same, as differences will show up as more teachers than there actually are and will result in lower scores for the named teacher.

    there will be a separate page to input the data. visitors will input name of teacher, subject taught, school name, street address, city,country and zip code. i would like the program to assist with input like the address bar does in search engines. in other words it will pop up similar teachers info which you can click on so full input is not necessary.

    for output i need lists of best teachers in a school, city, state or province and country.

    thank you very much for your help.


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