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  • Thank you for taking interest in my post. This idea of mine is something that I have had in mind for months and now I am finally in the final stages, actually putting the ideas to the test. As you have read I worked on another Dance Music blog that featured music and news. What I want to with this new website is create something that has never been done before, a one stop website for DJs. You can see some of the major ideas that I have below –

    • Music, News, and major dance music events (a calendar with concerts and festivals)
    • Local events (a calendar with small events and specials at clubs in major US cities such as Miami, NY, Chicago, LA, Vegas, DC, etc.)
    • Targeted merchandise (things that people would want to take to a music festival or concert, glow sticks, glow in the dark gear, apparel with DJ’s logos and the logo for my site, etc.)
    • eBay/craigslist feature where members can buy and sell DJ equipment to others (with 5-10% commission going to the website)

    What I have envisioned for the site, I’m not sure how possible this actually is though, is to have the website running WordPress, I am familiar with how it works and I have a pretty extensive list of plugins I would like to use. What I have been running into trouble with is actually finding plugins that are able to run both the blog end of the site and the ecommerce side of it. I have heard both good and bad reviews about using WordPress for ecommerce. I have found a few plugins that would let me sell things but I have not found one that lets members of the site (aka non admins or contributors) to sell items.

    — At anytime if my explanations are coming off as confusing or you simply cannot follow please PM me and I’ll try to elaborate —

    Another detail that I would like to implement of the site is a search function to search for a songs BPM, genre, and key. I imagine this would be possible through a simple search box searching for keywords or tags but I would like it to be more complex than that. Many site such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, etc. have a search refinement option. For instance if you search “camera” on on the left hand panel you have the options to search in the various departments, then by different megapixels, optical zoom, display size, etc. I would like my function to be similar to that. If you search “David Guetta” his different tracks will come up and you can refine them by genre, BPM and key.

    These are just some of the basic ideas that I have planed. Please let me know if you follow along and if you think these things can be completed using wordpress.

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