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  • Hi all,

    firstly thanks for looking into this.

    I am pretty far (meaning almost done) with converting WordPress 2.5 to a full fledged CMS (Yes, I agree WordPress already is a CMS, but it will need some in-depth custom skinning to take away the ‘bloggy-feel’ and adapt things to existing house-styles). Thanks to the magic that is functions.php, I have managed not to make a single change to the WordPress core in order to do so, something I had to do extensively with 1.x versions.

    Anyway, I’m drifting off. I have designed the custom theme in this manner: (very schematic, you can also check out this url though I’m not sure it is accesible at all times (dns problems))

    SIDE                       Main content, existing                       SIDEBAR
    MENU                       of posts/page content

    Now here’s the catch; at the sidebar, I feature an imageblock with a nice photo in it. I want this to be category-dependant. But hold on; I know this can be done using – for example – $category->cat_name. This way I could specify the image to be some-location/$category->cat_name.jpg. and then fill that location with images that have the exact same names of the categories.
    But that will make it very difficult for my end-users to customize their CMS (I will use this CMS on multiple sites). So ideally I am looking for a plugin that:

    – adds a section to the admin panel (eg manage>cat images)
    – adds an option to specify which image to associate with which category
    – adds an upload module for it, which stores images seperately from the media library (this is not entirely neccesary, probably uploading pictures using the standard upload will do, as long as you can assign them to a cat.)
    – provides a site-wide variable for placing the image.

    Unfortunately I’m not THAT much of a PHP-programmer, so I really need help on this. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist!

    PS: Sorry for the long story 😉

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