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  1. evanspj
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    I'm looking for a plugin or set of plugins that will provide the following functionality to sell piece of software on a yearly subscription basis and provide a customer support centre and user community. Below are the major requirements

    • allow people to register on the site
    • registered users can get access to more pages and posts
    • signed up users can opt into newsletter sequences (autoresponder)
    • I can have multiple mailing lists that people can opt into or out of (currently using comm100 email marketing)
    • people can pay to upgrade their membership using PalPay website payment or creadit card (currently using buttons from PayPal)
    • I can create additional fields for the user e.g. license ID to their copy of the software and activation key or other information
      they provide or I enter (some of these fields should be editable by the user, others read only and others visible only to
    • I can search for people based on these fields e.g. show me everyone who is using a specified version of Office or people
      who have not renewed their subscription
    • they have a mailbox I can use for support (messages are also emailed to them)

    I would be grateful if people could either respond here or in email to info@emarkingassistant.com Free is best but if the value is premium plugins are also of interest.

    Peter Evans

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