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  • Does this is exist….just out of curiosity. Ive searched for it but i cant find it. Some people have asked me about it for my site. Be alright to have.

    for those of you who don’t know what im talking about, in the phpbb forums, each individual user has a signature….similar to that in a e-mail as well. I was just wondering is there a way to add this under the comments section? or a plugin to do so?

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  • A search for this in google came up with information on this:

    comment signatures

    doesnt really help but thanks


    That wasn’t helpful? I found thousands of links to information on comment signatures and comment signature plugins. Put “wordpress plugin” in front and it narrows it down but there are different options out there. Here is more information:

    ok…well i never seen a plugin that will allow commentors to have a signature….and i still don’t.

    I was going to answer this before but got side tracked. As far as I know there is no such plugin – at the same time, I think your reply is slightly ungrateful.

    What would perhaps better illustrate your question is a screengrab? But, what to create such a plugin would require some work. Where you would store the signatures? How would the signatures link, by email, by username and so on? You then have to ask yourself, are you really going to force users to download images from say 15-20 comments each at 100-200k in size?

    There might be something similar to gravatars that could work or perhaps you can make a request for such a plugin – I don’t there is that much demand for it, simply because gravatars do that very job – stampling an identity to a user’s post and giving it individuality. It’s the modern “signature” for blogs, and I would recommend you take a look at it. There’s even a plugin for WP that makes it VERY simple for users to register their gravatrs so when they make a comment, it displays their picture/signature/gravatar – whatever you want to call it with their comment.

    how’s it going everyone…thought i try to help. Ennis, i also do not know of a plugin that’s supposed to do that. But what you could do (if you haven’t already figured another way), is to drop a image location into your and your users’ profile’s in the Profile section. And then edit your comments.php page and put the author’s description template tag under the comment text template tag.

    i’ve tried it so i’m sure it works for the author. not really 100% about the other users.

    thanks muchly. all i wanted to know whether there was a plugin or not or any alternatives…appreciate the replies.

    suppose how did you get this to display only under the authors? i tried it but it would display under everyones comments.

    I tried the author_description thing, and found that it only displays the author of the thread, and not the description of the people making the comments on the thread.

    Many people like to have some kind of signature line that consists of a favorite quote or something, much like what you see in many forum boards. There should be a way to use the user profile to generate those descriptions for each commenter instead of just displaying the description for the author of the thread.

    Here’s what I’m looking for along these lines:

    A way to edit a sig file from inside the WP admin. Each file is named for each author and through the use of a tag (like “'<?php the_author() ?>'”) I can set a file like that up for each of my authors, but I don’t have a way to allow them to edit each file easily. To me, this seems like a simple thing to set up–of course, I have no idea how to design a WP plugin, so it’s easy for me to say that.

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