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  • Our 50 year old newspaper is in the midst of creating our digital presence, and I am proud to say, WordPress is at the center of it. Meanwhile, we have hundreds of gigabytes (GB) of images that we would like to store and have the ability to showcase on our site. Yes there are sites like Flickr, but we would like that functionality in house. Seeing as we have unlimited storage on our server, it just makes so much more sense to be able to manage our images within our Content Management System.

    Does there happen to be a plugin that will allow me to manage thousands of images the same way we can manage our articles in WordPress?

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  • Nextgen Gallery is probably the most popular for displaying images. However I found it hard to customize, it’s got a lot of code, has it’s own way of handling images outside the wp media library. I ended up doing my art sites with Minimatica and Custom Community, they were easier for me to tweak to my needs. but you should probably check out Nextgen. Most people think it’s great.

    Nextgen is great for managing the user interface, but what about the backend? I have several photographers and several writers and I would like to have a place for them to search the photos internally by tags.

    If you happen to know a solution outside of wordpress, I will accept that as well. Although keeping it in my CMS is ideal.

    Hi @roryjscott – I’ve looked around and it seems that NextGen is the best WordPress has got right now.

    So, are you looking only for already developed solutions, or are you interested in custom developed solutions, possibly hosting somewhere like Amazon S3 or other? We’ve done a lot with custom plugin development around image management and would be excited to do more. Of course, if your budget is closer to free then please accept my apologies and just ignore my questions. 🙂

    Concerning managing the back end and searching by tags, most all themes are ready to go in that regard. It really depends on exactly what you want to do, all the paticulars. At that point you may hit some road blocks and require a customized solution, as offered above.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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