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Looking For Password…?

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  • That…

    Is nothing to do with WordPress…

    I’d be wary about what that is, and what it’s doing on your website..

    Looking back your login is here…


    Looks like you have an old index.html or index.htm in the directory along with WordPress.

    Would be my guess anyway…

    Open your FTP or File Manager and look in the folder .. nikonblog .. and delete a file called index.htm or index.html, assuming one exists.

    EDIT:: Nope checked, neither exist on your site, i’d guess in that case that there was an existing index.php in that folder, grab a fresh copy of WordPress and copy the index.php into your nikonblog folder, overwriting the one currently there…



    Thanks for the response. I’ve re-uploaded the index.php but it’s still the same.

    Is there a .htaccess file in that directory (if viewing by FTP you’ll need to enable “view hidden files”). If so, open that file and post the content please…

    If not, is there one in the directory above, the main root, again if so post the content, as there maybe some rewrite/directory protection rules in place…



    I can’t see an .htaccess file in the blog folder or the site root.

    Assuming you have a linux host and Cpanel access, login and see if you have directory protection on, you may need to create an exception for the WordPress directory…

    I can only guess but i’m thinking it’s directory protection (password level directory protection that is)…

    If you have a friendly host you could always ask them to have a look for you or advise you why the password page is appearing…

    Did you check via FTP or File Manager, if FTP did you ensure you have “View hidden files” or something along those lines enabled. You may also have such an option in file manager to…

    .htaccess files are hidden by default…

    Bear in mind, if you’re on a windows host a .htaccess file won’t exist since that’s specific to apache/linux servers..



    Got it sorted. The problem seems to have been with a theme I uploaded. When I deleated it the blog works ok. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated.



    hello friend,i have changed my wordpress blog url and wordpress url general settings by mistake and sved and now i cant log in to my wp-admin cause urls changed!how can i login to my wordpress ?and than chanege these

    Have a read here and see if anything helps.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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