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  • I’m looking for a mp3 / music player plugin that does the following:

    – When you click play on a song, it plays in the music player.

    – Doesn’t use the internet’s default browser flash / mp3 player.

    So far the best I found was a plugin called “Audiobar”. With this plugin whenever you enter an mp3 link it generates a play button. Then, when you click play it plays in the player, which is located at the bottom of the web page. The downside is that it uses the default internet browerer’s mp3 player. So I can’t really customize it at all. The next best thing was called “n3rdskwat-mp3player”. This had a playlist option, a customizable player but unfortunately it didn’t have the option that when you clicked play on a song, it plays in the music player.

    So does anyone know of a mp3 player that does the two things that I listed? 🙂

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