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  • In Movable Type, you can create a template and then have it publish to somewhere else. In the case of my employers, they are using MT to publish a blog post as an excerpt on their sites homepage. The file is saved as an include. So it’d be something like


    Then they include that file into their homepage to publish an excerpt from their blog. Is there some sort of way to do this with WordPress?

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  • The question is not can WordPress do it, but which of the myriad ways of doing it would work best for your employer’s needs? The MoveableType approach almost certainly required more ongoing manual work than necessary.

    A few questions:

    • Is WordPress and your employer’s website on the same server?
    • What is your employer’s website implemented using? Hand-coded HTML or some other type of CMS?
    • Can you explain a bit more what they are actually trying to accomplish? A teaser for the most recent blog post, or something else?
    • Can you give a link to their website showing where they used this in the past? (if possible)
    • (Any chance you can just re-implement your employer’s website completely in WordPress? That’ll make incorporating content even easier.)
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