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  • Hi!

    First off, I wanna say that this is a truly great plugin, and the closest thing to what I have been looking for a long, long time, but…

    I miss a few functions that, if they existed, would make this plugin so perfect,
    though I realize that the amount of changes / additions I request almost make for a brand new plugin.

    What I have been looking for, for months, is a plugin that allows me to book freelancing stage-workers, truck drivers, etc, to events that the site admin creates. I have gone through an endless amount of plugins for bookings, reservations, events, etc, but none of them are what I am looking for, because they focus on selling a service, or tickets, which I don’t need at all.

    What I want is just a really simple interface to let users sign-up for events, but ALSO, and here’s what I’m missing:

    … User registration and custom profiles, with basic information, such as Name, Email, Phone number, Address, Bank account information (to get paid) or maybe just custom fields, where we could add questions of shirt-size, allergies if food is served, etc.

    … Let USERS, meaning only users registered to my site, after log-in, sign-up an INTEREST to work at a specific event, with all of their information already defined in their profiles, and thereafter getting an email saying their interest has been registered and that they will get a confirmation email when the admin has decided who he want’s working at this specific event.

    … Admin adding of users to events, from a list of registered users, that can be searched and filtered by occupation, city or other custom fields that are in the profiles.

    … Approval from admin after interest sign-up, so that people can’t sign up and end up on the list automatically, but instead get on the list after approval and a confirmation email.

    … Custom emails, obviously, since me and my client are Swedish, and the users are mainly too, and I would translate this plugin.

    … Schedules / planning for each user.

    … Time reports for each user, and the ability to let users fill in the times that they’ve worked.

    … Export of a list of workers for EACH event, almost like this plugin is now, with the basic information of name, phone number etc.

    – – –

    If you ever feel like you want to extend this plugin, or just create a new one completely, I think not only for my own sake, but for a lot of people, this would be a helpful plugin, because a lot of businesses deal with temporary workers for events, concerts and festivals, and would just love the idea of easily handling of staff and reports.

    – – –


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  • Plugin Author DLS Software Studios


    Thanks for your feedback! We don’t currently have plans to expand the plugin as you suggest. However, we are available to do custom plugin development. If you’re interested in hiring us to make such a plugin, please let us know and we can review your specs and get you an estimate.

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