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  • hi there, i haven’t been able to find anything similar to this Q? on the forums, but there are thousands of posts…

    i have a semi photo semi regular blog on another site which ran into an image storage limit. WP has the same issues. i don’t want to ‘buy more space’ as i already have set up an unlimited storage for my images.

    (from what i could tell nextGen gallery *seemed* to do everything i wanted except for img location)

    however i need to pull them into an image viewer for my blog.

    i don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles, but the following functionality is needed:
    1-ability to step thru the images
    2-ability to see how many images are in that ‘album’ or ‘gallery’
    3-ability to see caption for each/any image

    does *anyone* know of *anything* on WP that i can install on my WP blog that will do this? I’ve been trying to go through the image plug-ins but again there are so many of them and documentation on the ‘pull the image from a locale other than WP’ is very lacking. 🙁

    i am now so far behind on my posts it’s pathetic 🙁
    please help!

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