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  • My father and myself are big into trying to preserve our families history. Yet we have yet to find a solution that would meet our needs, So I decided I would try and build my own. When running through all the items we feel that it would need it became apparent that this would be too big for one person to take on. So I am looking for some code ninjas to help not only bring this project to fruition but also help myself maintain and further develop it to something I think the community really needs.

    I am working on a building a full fledge genealogy (family tree) plugin with some of these features.

    Family Tree Features

    • The ability to turns dates, names and facts into informative reports and diagrams.
    • Explore your close and not so close relatives whose history you might want to dig deeper into.
    • Build a media gallery to make it easier than ever to browse all pictures, audio, video and PDF files found in your family tree (automatically groups media by person or family)
    • Print-ready Charts
    ⁃ Ancestor Chart
    ⁃ Descendant Chart
    ⁃ Tree Chart
    ⁃ Hourglass Chart
    ⁃ Fan Chart
    ⁃ Relationship Chart
    • Places Management – Maybe google map integration?
    • ToDo Management – Add reminders to entries on items that need to be completed and have a way to view all todos from one page.
    • GEDCOM Importer and Exporter – The GEDCOM format is the one standard format which allows exchanging genealogy data between different genealogy applications. (Media exported along with the GEDCOM file)
    • Family Quiz Widget – Random questions generated from database
    • Reports
    ⁃ Narrative Report
    ⁃ Virtual Globe
    ⁃ Person Reports
    ⁃ Family Reports
    • Statistics – Find out your relatives’ average age at time of death or at time of marriage, ext.
    ⁃ Childs per Family
    ⁃ Age of Persons

    I am also looking for community feedback for other feature we can add!

    I am open to all suggestions!

    Areas I need help with:
    • Developing
    • Coding
    • CSS
    • Documentation
    • Localization
    • Theme Development
    • Graphics
    • Javascript’s

    Depending on the team I put together will determine how much of this I can make free, I would like to make it 100% free and allow people to donate to our team.
    But I may have to make the base free and charge for advance features or compatible themes…. This is all fluid at the moment.

    I already have a website domain registered and live, looking into SVN thinking about a form of GIT. Been working on a logo for the plugin and how to build this completely around custom post types.

    From here I will shut up and leave it to the community, I need your guys help to not only know what directions we need to head this thing. But to get this off the ground. I would like to have a alpha three months out, beta 6-9, months and live 9-12 months.

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  • Any thread that offers any service for money can be closed at any time. We are not against paid services but these forums are not the right place for them. Please use WP Jobs instead.

    I am not offering a service for money, So I think you are misunderstanding my post. I am looking from help from a few developer of the wordpress community to make this plugin come to fruition. Like stated I would like to make this 100% free. But depending on who I can get to help me produce this plugin they may want some sort of monetary compensation. The reason I have not posted this on WP Jobs is due to I would like to keep it free.

    I would be ready to help you out to the best possible, in the areas of CSS, Coding.

    Awesome man, I noticed I forgot to put my email in my post 😀 Touch base with me at

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