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  • Hi guys, fellow devs,

    I am planning a nice little open service for the WordPress community. Since the bad old combo of SVN + Trac is such a big pain I want to make it as simple as possible for devs to move the complete development process to GitHub and thereby to git.
    Have a look at the current note:
    Important limitation: for open source projects only!

    To make this project happen I need all the help I can get.
    I will provide all the infrastructure required and give as much of my time as possible to the project.

    As you can see in the mindmap I am only in the planning phase and no real work is done yet.

    v1.0 of the service should provide:

    • Listing of registered projects
    • Moderated registration of projects
    • UI for project maintainers
    • Features: (for project maintainers)
      • import a SVN repo to Git(Hub) [tag creation, remapping of authors]
      • create a task to push tags to SVN repo
      • set project details (homepage, maintainers, etc)

    I need:

    • your input on what technologies to use (ruby, php, etc)
    • your expertise on how to these technologies (e.g. I have no idea about ruby)
    • your opinion on the idea itself 🙂
    • contributors, supporters, helping hands, whatever you would like to be called

    I hope you like the idea and give me some feedback.

    [ Signature moderated. ]

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