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Looking for French social bookmarking sites

  • My site exists in a French translation, and I’m moving it over to WP. I’d like to ask any Francophones on the forum if they know of any French-language social bookmarking sites — the French equivalent of delicious, stumbleupon, etc.

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  • bookmarks.fr is one

    there is also a french version of Alex King’s share this, but its the same sites as in english. http://themes-du.net/2007/04/11/le-plugin-share-this-en-francais/

    Excellent, epicalex!

    I’d never thought of searching for “bookmarks” on Google.fr (I’d assumed that the Académie française would have stamped out that anglicism) but when I did so I came across a Wikipedia article that lists quelques sites en français de marque page social.

    je le connais depuis toujours comme ‘social bookmarking’, meme en francais. J’ai presque jamais vu marque-page social.

    tous ce que j’en ai besoin maintentant et un clavier francais, ou meme l’envie d’ouvrir word!

    bonne chance!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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