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  • gloddy,
    Looks very sharp, I must say. Would be cool if you did a write-up on your archives and post it on the wiki if you are so inclined.
    It’s a site definitely worth checking out! Good luck with it and have fun.

    Thanks. My archives are a pretty simple change. I’m willing to bet some people would rather have wordpress’ default archiving, but I found it strange. Once I get my launch done, I’ll pop something on the wiki.

    Very nice design. Straightforward with just enough going on visually to not distract from the content.
    I especially like the header image feature.

    gloddy: I think it’s nice. The sidebar color variations are cool. The header feature is cool, although I think it’d look nice to take “Obvious Diversion” out of the border.
    Also for the archives I’m wondering if you did something similar to me: I basically have 3 if statements that spit out content for the archives list, archive results, and the permalinked post.

    Taking the logo out of the box is actually a curious idea. I’ll have to toy with that.
    As for the archives, I just wrote a little loop that:
    1) looks for a category id in $_GET
    2) spits out links, post titles and dates for just that category if it’s finds it and all if it doesn’t
    3) spits out a “see full list” link if you are in a specific category
    Pretty simple really.

    simple for some.
    they are lovely archives, and i for one would love to see how you did that, and have something from the wiki i could read and then re read when i blow it (and i will blow it at least 3-4 times before i give up.)
    but what’s got me jumping all over my desk, wearing a napkin on my head is your image browser…
    is that is?
    <div id="gallerycontrols">

    <div id="imagespace"> <img src="" id="randomimagesmall" alt="Random Picture" /></div>

    or is there more that a hat fryer like me needs to know?

    hey dss,
    there is more than that, but not much.
    tell you what, give me a couple days, and i’ll put up a little tutorial on my blog. that lays it all out for you. i need to clean up the functions before I expose them to the world.

    gloddy: I dig it. I’d like to publish mine as well. I’m working on something for my main page like does… show 2-3 posts then spits the remaining ones using an unordered list.
    I basically did the same for my archives as you except I didn’t check from $_GET, I used something like these to show each template:
    Show Initial Page. Makes sure NO archive options have been selected.
    <?php if ( (empty($monthnum)) && (empty($year)) && (empty($s)) && (empty($m)) && (empty($day)) && (empty($cat)) ) { ; ?>
    Show Results. Checks to see if ANY archive options have been selected. Then starts the loop.
    <?php if ((!$p && !$name && (empty($single)) && (($monthnum) || ($year) || ($s) || ($m) || ($day) || ($cat)))) { ; ?>
    Show Permalinked Entry. Makes sure it is only a SINGLE (permalinked) post. Then starts the loop.
    <?php if ($single) { ; ?>
    Sorry to bloat up your post with this.

    no blot at all. it’s everyone’s post and it’s always good to see a different approach. I ended up using GET just to mimic the way wordpress serves up content, although I’ve done it differently in the past depending on the project. (this is my first run with wordpress though.)

    One other thing I wanted to comment on Fernando.
    Orderedlist certainly looks like a great design, but I always question sites that only give me partial articles with links for me to “read the full article”
    I went to the site to read full articles, not excerpts, and making me click an additional time just seems unnecessary and breaks me away from content further down that page that might otherwise interest me.

    gloddy: I wasn’t interested in the story introduction aspect of though. What I wanted to do, I found yesterday in the wiki at .
    I know what you mean though. I took my current route because I tried to balance between a table of contents and the actual permalinked posts without having a boringly long home page.

    here’s the code sample as promised for my little changable header thing:
    How I Change Images on Top of My Site

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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