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  • whooami



    2 things:

    1. i detest music that auto loads.

    2. your popups suck. i detest them too.

    Wooow! despite the angriness of your words I thank you for your feedback. I was expecting something more constructive but anyways…
    I will look into this. I would like to clarify that the music is part of the top animation and it lasts for just about 7 seconds but if you don’t like it I understand.




    angry? not at all. youve just broken 2 of the cardinal rules of web site design though, as far as I am concerned.

    and since I am fairly confident that my views are in the majority, my response was constructive.

    Yeah, no music and the pop up that begs me not to leave your page…not so much.

    I know that’s not a “theme review” but that’s all I notice..

    Alright, two votes to get rid of the music and the pop-up. Now… how about the design and the rest of the theme? Do you think is too small, too crowded, simple… anything else?

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    Three votes. It’s 7 AM right now and as soon as the music started I clicked away from the site.

    Clicking back, the site is IMHO too narrow. Between the light text color, the white background, and narrow column format, it looks a little crowded or busy.

    You should also do something about those validation problems as well.

    Oh crud, just got that pop up. Sorry but with the music AND now a pop up, that totally kills the site.

    Hey jdembowski, thanx for the feedback. You are right, the validation problems are something I need to deal with. It was alright before I started using the Facebook Connect that requires a different document type to make it work with IE, and after the change I started getting all those errors.

    Um yeah — the popup is HIGHLY irritating, especially since it seems to pop up each time you click a link. If you MUST use it (although I strongly advise you ditch it — I personally instantly click away from sites that use them and never go back especially when they want to sell me something) you might consider having it load ONLY on exit. I also agree that the music needs to go too considering it plays each time you change pages which again, is HIGHLY irritating, and kinda makes my eyeballs itch. Other than that the actual design is ok. I like the flash menu.

    nice theme.

    But seems like something is going to irritate users. Thats the popup windows coming here and there while browsing.

    Remove it, rest is fine

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    Take off the popup. This sort of thing makes a google analytics account display the average time spent on the site as a negitive. (Well, allmost).

    Hmmm, I just realized you guys are right on the pop-up being active on every click. I need to sort this out, maybe some JavaScript event to disable it until page exit. I think this is due to the Flash animation because I have it running in other pages and it behaves the way is supposed to, showing up only on page exit.
    I will take away the music… I just have some much work that I need to find some time to dedicate to this. Thank you everyone, that’s all I wanted to hear 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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