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  • I’ve moved from typepad to WordPress and am looking for some feedback. I’m a newbie to CSS and xhtml and although my site doesn’t quite validate yet, I’d appreciate some feedback on design and usability. Thanks!

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  • Very nicely layed out and designed. Quite late here so only viewed in FF(nightly). Seems fine for the most part, interesting and different use of color. The navigation menu is doing a number on it though. Getting a 2px vertical jump in the position of the header, seems isoated to “Archives” at 800 x 600. However at 1024, things get more complicated: both a vertical jump, and sometimes a horizontal shift, and not isolated to only “Archives”.
    You might take a look at Jeffrey Zeldman’s DWWS menu, this address:

    For what it’s worth, perhaps along these lines….?

    Good eye! I didn’t even notice the vertical shift on the archives page in the header – hmmm, I’ll have to investigate that further. I think perhaps the horizontal shift you’re experienceing may be because the contact page and the projects page are both smaller than all the others – so the browser scroll bar disappears on those pages, causing the shift. Would make sense that you wouldn’t see it on a smaller screen. Thanks for the feedback!

    Granted, the page width is part of the h-shift problem. However, using your present positioning methods, even with pages corrected to be all of the same width, you’ll still be faced with a dilemma of it breaking in Internet Explorer. This is one method to solve that problem as well. But, of course, you could hack the widths instead.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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