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  1. ghanes14
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok I have two blogs, and I admit with school and stuff happening I haven't kept them updated lately like I should. However, I have not posted on here lately either so I wanted to get some feedback on them.

    First one is my travel blog: http://theamaturetraveler.com

    When I started my idea was to post tips and ideas people could use during their travels, and locations of tourist attractions along the way. I also have it set up so other people could join and post thier travel experiences, tips and ideas as well. However I haven't had any luck with anyone doing that.

    I am finally going to be taking a road trip for 8 days leaving next week, going to Houston, Tx to meet a friend and site see. I have a new HD camcorder I plan on taking video/pictures of and uploading those after I return. So if anyone has any tips on video taking I could use it as I am an amateur video taker!

    The second blog: http://all-notions.com

    This is a blog I started mainly as a place to get stuff off my chest, rather that be ranting about something or stating my opinion on a topic. I also have this blog set up so others can join and post their thoughts, opinions, rants, etc. I have had a couple people sign up and had a couple posts submitted by someone else, but again not much luck getting others to join in.

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