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  • Hey guys I am pretty new to and am looking for feedback on my current wordpress site. It’s still a work in progress and starting to get more and more content. I would like feedback on the whole site but mostly on text, font and layout. Not sure if the colors are working well or not. Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Layout is good.

    But I think you are right colours dont work together.

    these are actually the knew colors haha it use to be purple 😛 I find colors the hardest part 🙁 especially when it comes to getting the header to suit it. You can tell I am not much of a designer.

    Generally, I believe good contrast between text and background helps usability considerably. However, entertainment sites get a pass to bend many usability rules.

    In your case, I actually think the colors work fine. If you absolutely don’t want to use the purple against the black background, you could go with a slime green.

    Black is simply perfect for a Horror site, classic horror colour! Ahah! Nice work mate, simple and clean, I did put it directly in my favourite list!

    In my opinion you should only use some more widgets!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I Look forward to hearing more opinions 🙂 I think content has been a little slow getting on there but takeing 2 weeks off work in feb to really work on it and gonna try to add a post per day! Still new to word press but love every second I use it 😛 Also I am gonna take a look at more widgets 🙂

    When starting off, one post per day is about right in order to build the kind of traction you’ll want. Best of luck!

    Is that Times New Roman? consider using another font (Arial/Verdana) for your side column. Generally it makes my eyes hurt reading all this but I like how the header looks!

    I’d like it to be a bit more obvious what this site is, maybe try a tagline eg ‘film appreciation from a genre fan’ (sorry that’s terrible but you get the idea!)

    I’d also like to see more copy as generally I’m thinking “what is all this stuff?” about all your clips, how are you “adding value” rather than just lifting it off Youtube?

    Remember to tell people what they’ll get involved with in the forum, maybe ‘hot topics’. Maybe look at how a thriving forum eg Mumsnet does this to encourage sign-up.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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