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  • Hey there all,
    Got the basics down. I can get WordPress installed and even change themes. I can publish and manage, play with graphics and even finagle my theme layout a little bit.

    I can’t seem to any substantial changes to the template, such as changing what the posts’ formatting defaults from or installing plugins.

    I really need someone who can help me out. I imagine for someone who knows what they’re doing, this won’t take so long, but for me, well my eyes seem to glaze over as I try to parse the unintelligible code (that’s html? man, I’m old).

    If you’ve installed a bunch of blogs, with a bunch of customizations, know about plugins I haven’t heard of, and can do all of the above while playing warcraft too, please email me at alexanderfulks at gmail dot com. I can figure this shit out, but I’d rather just pay you to save me the time. Thanks.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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