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  • Greeting all,

    I’m trying to locate some developer documentation on the cache process used in WP 2.0.2. We are running a high volume site that uses WP 2.0.2 for the backend CMS and Akamai as a front-end service.

    We are running into an issue somewhere along the lines of the following scenario:

    I”m logged into the WP backend as an admin user. When I view the site pages because I’m logged in I see the ‘Edit this entry’ link. This is expected. For some reason if my co-worker (not in the same office) surfs to the same page they will also see the ‘Edit this entry’ link though they are not logged into WP nor do they ever access the WP backend.

    I don’t think this is a WP issue. I’m just more interested in the caching system used on WP. and how static pages are prepared.

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  • the only thing serving ‘static pages’ would be a plugin like WP-Cache 2 (or Staticize for older versions). But the admin pages are generally excluded.

    the WP2 caching code is really more of a ‘query cache’ in some sense, as it caches certain tables and results to datafiles in order to reduce DB load. I believe it can be completely disabled (and I thought in newer versions it started that way).

    This sounds like someone else is caching the results (akamai?) and pushing them to others. But the problem with a dynamic-page system under a language like PHP is that you can’t just cache the HTML results… Sometimes that’s just not valid to do…


    Thanks David. Yeah the whole issue brought up a small discussion over the new WP cahce system. Seems of the three developers on the room we each had our own opinions of what this does.

    I do think there are some setup issues still with from the Akamai end. This is one complicated system.

    Thanks again.

    yeah, the internal wp2 cache is more of a query cache. wp-cache, the plugin, is an extension to the original Staticize plugin, which uses output buffering to grab the output generated by a request, cache it, and deliver it back up directly next time through.

    But, sounds like akamai front-end caching… Make sure they aren’t caching ANYTHING under wp-admin, or you could end up with horror stories (given that WP uses GET operations for most things in the admin interface).


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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