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  • Hi!

    I’ve been browsing through the plugins for days but can’t find what I’m looking for, so I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out.

    I’m running a large wordpress-based website.

    One page is a list of health practitioners. Practitioners can apply to be added to the list by filling out a contact7 form. I then have to review the form and publish it by adding the listing manually into the page.

    Because that list is becoming very long and there are issues of keeping track of invoicing/correspondence and other stuff, I was hoping I could find a plugin that would allow me to do everything at once.

    – practictioners would fill out a form with their contact and practice info;
    – that info would be input into a database;
    – from a user-friendly backend interface (not phpmyadmin!), I could edit, and add to, that database (including extra fields such as “invoicing” and “last correspondence” or whatnot).
    – I could pick the fields I want to publish directly onto the list accessible by the public on the website.

    Any thoughts at all on how I could achieve this? Either with a WP plugin, which would be optimal, or even with a separate database app…

    I’d also be ready to pay someone to do this, so any developer out there who has a clue, let me know!

    Cheers and many thanks,


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