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  • I’ve decided to enter a WordPress theme contest and have been working on this design for a while. I would love love LOVE some constructive criticisms/feedback from any folks willing to spend a few minutes and take a gander:

    It’s called Christmas Is Near and it’s a Christmas-inspired theme for WordPress 2.1+ (recommended: 2.3+). It includes a light snowy script by Kurt Grigg. Icons are courtesy of John Marstall (via Icon Buffet).

    I’ve tested it in Firefox and IE 6.0. For best results, a screen resolution of 1024×768 is suggested. Let me know if anything looks “off.”

    Be honest — What do you think? What should I add? What should I change? How does it look in your browser?

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  • Two things:
    1. on single post view the comment form gives one error (col).
    2. in the sidebar shouldn’t the recent comments be aligned/indented as the rest of the lists? (just wondering)

    Otherwise it looks nice and elegant for a Xmas theme… what I mean many “holiday” themes are a bit too coloured and crowded – at least for me 🙂 but not this one!

    Hi Moshu, thanks for the feedback.

    I fixed #2, but couldn’t reproduce #1. Could you tell me where you saw it? Thanks! 🙂
    Clicked on the title/permalink of the latest post and in FF DevToolbar on Validate HTML – which takes me to the address above.

    Hey not bad and as mentioned it isn’t too busy and blinky like xmas themes tend to be. I would suggest a stylized blog name or site logo in the header. Nothing with much contrast to the overall, just something site specific that also blends in.

    Nice work so far.

    Moshu, whoa thanks for the link! Weird, my HTML validator ext in Firefox didn’t catch that. Fixed now. 😀

    IcelandDream, thanks. 🙂 I thought about the blog name on the logo, but I plan on releasing it … I guess I need to figure where to put the site title, huh? LOL

    Added site name and tagline to the menu. Also, I don’t know if anyone notices this sort of thing, but the tagline is also in the meta keywords as the site description. (that way, when you update one, you also update the other)

    other than being unable to understand the language, i don’t see any problem with the theme and set-up. and yes, it needs a title.

    by the way, i love the animation of the snowfall.

    Thanks for the feedback. 🙂 The “language” is just filler, it doesn’t really say anything. I moved the blog title and tagline over into the sidebar, as I wasn’t happy with it being in the header.

    I figure most anyone (or anyone like me) would use a customized header image with their blog name, etc. on it.

    I’m thinking of including other header images with it when it’s released (hopefully this weekend or next week).

    When I checked the site looked like this which is obviously not your intention I believe.

    Heh, nope. Thanks for checking though — I’m done testing and have released the theme. 😉

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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