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  • Hi All

    My blog is new-ish, abt a month old and I’m constantly tweaking it to make it better, and more readable.

    If you have a minute, pls share with me any opinion and criticism abt the site layout, colours, composition, style, etc etc. and how i can improve it. (basically anything that sucks? let me know pls!)

    Here’s my link

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Awesome blog! I like the idea. However, if i were you I might slightly change a bit of the design options to give your audiance a clearer picture of what your all about. For example when the site loaded my eyes went straight for the image of the coke can. And this continued as i scrolled down for each post’s image is relitively large compared to the other aspects of your page. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact that it took me a few minutes to discover what the topic of your site is. perhaps if you tweak the size of several of your elemens in the header like: making “Skinverse” larger, and then “” maybe in bold or something. Anything to make your topic and title to stand out a bit more! Otherwise its a beautiful site.

    hey RedB, thanks a lot for taking the time to give me feedback. its really valuable for me to hear how it looks to a first-time visitor, and i’ll work on your suggestions this weekend.

    thanks again! 🙂

    I agree; the “logo” really needs to be larger to balance out the post images. And, for me, it would help if the post font was just a little larger.

    That said, what a great blog! I’ve bookmarked it.

    Just to add: your blog is the type that really cries out for a site map. Otherwise, interested readers must resign themselves to clicking the next/previous links at the bottom of the pages.

    Hu DianeV, thanks a lot for your feedback

    All this while the blog looked large to me because my screen is set at 800×600. I’ve reset it to 1024×768 now and it does looks quite small.

    on a separate note, in this higher res, i now see that there’s a pretty wide empty space on the left and right margins (!!!)

    rats. if anyone knows how to fix this in my wordpress theme, pls let me know.

    I will look into creating a site map. maybe with a plugin, if there’s one. its a good idea cos i did feel that element was missing. i initially put the archive widget on the sidebar, but took it down cos I didn’t like the calendar view (month or year).

    thanks again for the suggestions (and kind words!), its good to know i’m on the right track with this. 🙂

    Here’s a decent site map plugin that will probably work with your blog:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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