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  • Hi everyone – I’m looking to set up a new blog and would be grateful for advice on the best way to set this up.

    The blog will list a number of offers for a particular niche subject, all following a set format. We anticipate that numerous third parties that operate within this niche (who mostly aren’t necessarily all that internet savvy) will want to submit their offers to be published on the blog and had initially thought that we would just set up a form where we would specify what information they needed to provide. We would then copy and paste the relevant parts of their form submissions into a blog post. This could prove to be a bit of a pain if we are receiving tens of submissions a day which is quite possible and we are therefore wondering if there is a better method.

    I have seen that I can add ‘contributors’ (and that they could even register themselves) but my fear with that is that is that they won’t write the posts in the form that we need, and so it’ll be a bit of a pain to edit their posts to bring everything up to standard (to a point where it would probably have been easier to have just copied and pasted using the original idea).

    Is there a better way of tackling this?


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  • Thank you. We were starting to go down the route of importing emails generated from a form into WordPress, but I’ll ask my colleague to look at this also.

    A couple more questions, if you don’t mind…

    One of the pieces of information that we will require from submitters is the date that each offer expires, so that information will be included in each post. Is there a way we could show which offers are ‘expiring soon’, do you know?

    I think it would also be nice if users of the blog could ‘rate’ the offers (ie. blog posts). I’m sure there are probably many plug-ins available to do this, but would it also be possible for a user, if they wished, to only bring up those offers that were rated 4 or 5, say, out of 5…?

    Thanks again.

    Further to my ponderings on a ratings plug-in (last para of the above post), I am assuming that most ratings plug-ins that allow you to display by rating rank will not take the date of the blog post into account.

    If I was displaying by ‘top rating’, I would want it to be only the ‘top rated’ entries from, say, the last few months. I have browsed the plug-ins directory and can’t seem to find anything that would do that. Can anyone help?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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