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  • Hello everyone, how are you? This is my first time posting here, because I’m at my wits end finding a solution, so I’m asking for help.

    As my blog gets more traffic, and more folks comment on it — which is AWESOME — I’m starting to think that merely having comments isn’t the most efficient way of fostering a community. Now the primary purpose of my blog is the content, but I love the discussions going on in in the comments so I’ve also been thinking of expanding the blog to have a forum.

    My ideal forum, therefore, would be one that integrates with the blog, in such a way that it:

    • Creates a new forum thread for each post.
    • Syncs comments with the forum thread
    • Also allows for separate threads and forums.

    So it’s a seamless experience. So far the only thing I’ve found that does this is a plugin for bbpress that’s three years old, so I’m wary of that. Might anyone here know of another solution that does what I’m looking for?


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