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  • I’ve been searching for awhile now…but I’m not sure if this plug-in exists yet and maybe someone here knows:

    1. A simple subscription input field where the user can type their email address to get an alert every time the blog gets updates.
      • This would also save these emails in the dashboard for use with an ’email blast’ (note that this would be a small blast, just a newsletter type of thing). Ideally the email could be sent from the dashboard with a customized message.

    Any suggestions? I would need this same input field to support both of these features…I know that this exists for the email blast type of thing but I haven’t seen it also cover the blog updates. Thanks!

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  • You read my mind! I am looking for the very same thing. I’ve tried the “G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager” which was really great but it made the whole process majorly complicated… click this link, get a letter, then your subscriber is inundated with several screens of instructions, then a welcome letter, and the email post blast… and on and on. Too complicated for me and my subscribers.

    Please someone answer JsonB123 and give us a solution.

    I think I have “temporarily” solved the problem… I’m using Google’s FeedBurner which also gives you the option of an email subscription. After you set up your account and create a feed, then you can get a link for the “subscribe by email” option that can be pasted in a text widget in your sidebar. You can see mine in my left sidebar here: Then I installed a WP plugin called “Feedburner Feed Stats” to monitor the activity from my WP Dashboard. The jury’s still out… we’ll see how it works.

    I use Feedburner as well, but I instinctively want to get away from it for some reason… would still think that an email feed would be part and parcel of WP.

    I, too, would love to get away from Feedburner. Even if it means going to another feed aggregator. Google’s handling of this whole thing, including instructions, is rather haphazard. It’s great for the really techno people, but if you just want to get on the air it sucks.

    And you have to know to look at the XML Feed to get the link to the email feed. Which requires a separate button anyway. Almost usless.

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