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  1. dancingbay
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am currently using the Boutique theme from Elegant Themes with Cart66 and Gravity Forms. I have fought with this for 4 months and and pretty much done. Cart66 will only allow 2 variations per product and all my products have 5 or 6 variations. I cannot figure out how to work between the theme, cart, and forms to anything working.

    So, I decided I need to scrap that and find something else. With the economy the way it is, I'm really strapped for cash, so need something reasonable priced. I googled - wordpress ecommerce themes - and the first one that popped up was ShopperPress. It sounds too good to be true. Like previous wordpress users, I could find very little in actual legitimate reviews. I read many of the posts on the forum, but could find nothing less than 1 year old. The latest version I found was 6.0. They are up to (if I read their site correctly) v

    So, I'm looking for comments of current users of Shopperpress.

    I am in the US. I have an embroidery business, so each item has lots of variations to each product. I also need a good deal of flexibility in my form design. The cart has to have a good shipping calculator. I keep a small amount of inventory on hand, but for the most part, I order items as I receive orders, so inventory control is not a huge deal, but I would like to have that options. Currently I only take PayPal, so the cart has to work with PayPal (this was my main issue with Gravity Forms, you have to have the $199 license to use PayPal). I do know PHP, CSS, MySQL, so am not totally against doing a little modifying if I have to, but I would prefer not, except the CSS, which generally won't actually break code. I want setup to be straightforward, and if possible, quick and easy.

    Any new information/opinions on Shopperpress, or any other ecommerce solutions that are free to reasonable priced is greatly appreciated.


  2. PremiumWP
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I can’t really comment on ShopperPress, but I would recommended looking at WooCommerce http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/woocommerce/. It’s arguably the best ecommerce solution for WordPress these days. It’s free and there are heaps of extensions, and themes available for it.

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