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  • As part of my work, I often have to copy my clients contents from their old website to the new one I am building for them. Some of them may have a lot of pages, others don’t. Usually I don’t mind doing this type of work whenever it’s like 5-15 pages, but I’ve had clients with 100+ pages. And if it would be possible to ease up this task I could save time, and my clients could save money.

    For the ones that have a lot of pages, I am looking for an easy way to create those pages, and copy its contents over to the new page created. Is that possible in any way? I have looked for plugins to do this but haven’t been able to find any.

    The ideal situation, you enter sites URL, press Next, it finds every page on the site, you select which ones to copy, press a button and voila, all pages are being created automatically, and contents are being copied over regardless of the old websites CMS (since 90% of my clients are moving from other another CMS to WP).

    Also I’d love to hear how you guys tackle the same task. Any suggestions on how to ease up the boring copy/paste work?

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  • You may use the Export import function for both the CMS to transfer the data.

    Alternatively if you would like to do WordPress to WordPress, then UpDraft plugin is there to help you.


    It may be worth spending some time learning about transferring the content directly via the database. Yep, it’s certainly more complicated and even a bit risky, but as you get a handle on it, it will give you much more control over what/how content comes across.

    Here’s a great plugin that will help with this, WP Migrate DB.

    Yet, as @purnendu notes, you can also use the WordPress dashboard too. Within the dashboard, go to Tools > Export to walk yourself through the process. Once you have the export, you can go to Tools > Import from within the dashboard of the destination WordPress site.

    What about when I don’t have access to a client’s files?

    I have a new client, unhappy with his old developer.

    He is expecting problems getting his website archived for migrating to new host.

    I’d rather have the backup!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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