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  • Hi all,

    Please let me know if this should be in a different section.

    I am in the middle of building a travel blog. but its not my stories, I want to allow other people to add their stories instead. the trouble I think I may encounter is contributor overload. I am wondering, do I limit who I allow to be contributors? if so, how and will that annoy others? also, if I dont limit contributors, the site could get out of hand and become un-manageable (potential for malicious/rude/nasty contributors too).

    The other thing I want to add is a forum/notice board for fellow travelers to interact with each other to share jobs/accomodation/transport costs etc. Any particular forum plugin that will take the same look as my theme? or do they all do that?

    any and all advice welcome

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  • jack randall


    set up an email address and ask for submissions then review the content you receive and use the best contributors for main articles. (also, when you receive work do a google search for various phrases from each piece to ensure that someone hasn’t just ripped a piece off from another site!)

    set up the forum and let other users exchange stories and reviews etc there. but be warned you’ll be monitoring the forum all day every day to stop forum spam. it’s getting out of control theses days…

    thanks for the info. I’m not sure people would go for that though. I would like people to be able to add images in their story as they write it. or am I just inviting even more trouble on myself 🙂

    another option would be to allow anyone to contribute but only as long as they sign in using their facebook profile. that makes people a bit more accountable I think. I was looking at the plugin “Social Login”. I wonder is there a way to restrict the wordpress login completely and just use the facebook one.



    theotherlebowski (or anyone else 🙂 ), what are your thoughts on the forum setup?
    do you think there are suitable forum plugins for wordpress, integrating it directly into the site? or maybe a subdomain for the forum and use standard forum software such as simple machines or alternative?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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