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  • Hi guys, (*and gals*)

    I’m looking for a new WYSIWYG editor for wordpress 2.0. I find the default one really lacking. Any Suggestions?

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  • Can you explain a bit more what you mean by WYSIWYG? Do you wish to enter tagged text without seeing tags? What kind of features are you looking for in such an editor?

    I find the default editor lacking too.

    As in, I don’t have it at all and I do have WP 2.0. Is there something I need to “turn on”?

    But I’m also up for a better editor. TinyMCE looks good but I’m no techie and the install looks “interesting”.

    Isn’t TinyMCE what WP2.0 uses by default?

    billjw: if you aren’t seeing it you may just need to turn it on in your profile. At the bottom of your profile page, turn on “Use the visual rich editor when writing”.

    If it still isn’t showing up, then you may be using a browser that’s specifically blocked because of javascript issues (this is the case for me, but I didn’t want the visual editor anyway). Safari & OmniWeb (at least) on OSX do not work with the visual editor.

    Can someone show me a screenshot of their “visual rich editor”. Because I only have a few features on my default.

    dherren: thanks for the reply. I think I’ve ticked everything and I’m using FF 1.5. Java appears enabled (I’ve even used IE, enabling Sun Java) and nothing shows up.

    My hosting company installed it for me, could it be the file hasn’t been uploaded? Would you know what file it is and I’ll check via FTP if it is there. Or should it be TinyMCE? (i.e. should I see a TinyMCE fle in the WP-Content or WP-Plugin directory?)

    Thanks again


    billjw, you should find a tinymce directory (filled to the brim!) under wp-includes/js/

    It’s also javascript-based, not java.

    Kamikid (almost forgot about the OP), there’s several ‘WYSIWYG’ plugins found here:

    It’s possible one or more of them work in 2.0.

    Kafkaesqui (I’m glad I can spell it cause I sure can’t say it!!) 🙂

    Thanks for the tip. The directory isn’t there. I’ll ask my host provider to install it for me.

    (I’m glad it’s not just me going stupid!)

    Thanks again.


    Can someone show me a screenshot of their “visual rich editor”. Because I only have a few features on my default.

    Click me

    Viper, you’ve got more than me (nil).

    Okay, I have uploaded the tinymce files to a wp-includes/js directory.

    I still see nothing. I have looked at javascript in Firefox and it is enabled.

    However, one small thing, I have a lot of Errors in my javascript console, some referring to my website, other referring to other websites (ebay etc).

    Have I missed anything? (I obviously have otherwise it would be working!)

    Thanks again guys. I appreciate the time and effort in replying.


    funny, I want to go back to the old one. I HATE wysiwyg. I keep having extra tags like < strong /> show up in weird places.

    Is it possible to turn it OFF and just have it input tags like before?

    I’m having problems with it somtimes adding p tags and sometimes adding br. It’s really driving me crazy.

    People hate Frontpage for a reason, ya know. 🙂

    For example, if you look on my site,, the current post has < strong > tags that I simply cant get rid of. I can’t see them in the WYSIWYG editor and when I switch to the HTML view window it keeps adding MORE of them. I went from no strong tags to over 11 nested strong tags. Everytime I remove them, it adds more when I save them. It’s just stupid and is ruining the validation of my site. Uhg.

    Well, unfortunately I need WYSIWYG. I’m not that adept at code and all I want to do is publish information. So an icon bar is cool for me.

    But I do know what you mean. It’s why I’ve gone to a blog rather than a website. I had similar problems with my code.

    Nolageek, you can turn the rich text editor off. It’s under Options, Writing, and just uncheck the box that says “use rich text editor as default”. I did, I have to admit I really disliked it as well, far easier to use the old style editor for me. And the HTML editor didn’t work at all – it just pops up blank windows.

    Okay, I think I’ve got it … I have to initialise TinyMCE and have to place some script into the “head element”.

    Can someone tell me where I find this?

    (Remember, I am not a coder. I’m just learning here. Laugh when I’ve gone!)


    thanks dmperlman. I can’t believe I missed that, although when I was looking in the options I was distracted by all the hair on my keyboard after pulling it all out trying to edit that post to get it correct. 🙂

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