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  • I am searching for a good weather widget for my blog, but cant seem to find what i am looking for.

    there are many weather widgets out there but none that i can find do what i want my widget to do.

    What i need is a widget that will detect the users location and provide the weather forecast for that location, but also allow the user to type in another location to see the forecast there.

    It doesn’t necessarily need to place their current location but at least give them the option to change to another location.

    Does anyone know of a widget that can do this?

    Many thanks in advance

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    This one says:
    “Optional automatic location finder showing the weather at site visitors location”

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for this one. It is a great widget. 🙂

    I think i will go with this one. It’s still not exactly what i was looking for though. But I am not sure if there is one out there that does what i want.

    I would love to have an option on the widget to change the location. So it will be default set to the users location, but the user has the option to change location to see what the weather is like in another country. for example when making vacation plans etc.. 🙂

    Do you happen to know of a widget that does that?

    Many thanks. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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