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  • Hey guys, I wanted to check with the group to see if anyone had any suggestions on a true max image size plugin for WordPress. What I mean by “true” is that I am looking for a plugin or any method to intercept and resize the image before the WordPress resizing takes place (Thumbnail, Medium, Large).

    The case here is a client which has access to and love of uploading files in the size range of 3000px width by 4500px height and 2.8MB size range. I don’t want to shut them down completely, but I’d like to prevent the image from coming in over 1024px width (or something around that range). I’m thinking of something, probably using ImageMagik which would handle that initial re-sizing for the original image, which would eliminate anything larger than that being hosted on the server (and served by the blog).

    If anyone has any suggestions here, or if I’m completely missing something, any help would would be much appreciated.


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