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  • caspersgrin


    I’m the webmaster for a Unitarian Universalist congregation’s website. Within the UU umbrella, several organizations have their own particular ministries that they want to more fully explore via blogs. While their missions are integral to the congregation, I consider their blogs tangential to the overall purpose of the website. Therefor, for both security and to keep the layout clean, I created a subdomain for blogging and built a WordPress site. My problem is that those several organizations need their own independent blogs.

    So, my question is this: are there any non-commercial WordPress themes that can support multiple independent blogs? Or am I better of creating multiple subdomains, each with their WordPress installation?

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  • JNashHawkins


    Take a look at Multisite…

    Read up on running the multisite from a couple different sources and then reread the above as your guide to create the multisite.

    As to themes? Just settle on one you like and let everyone else stay within that theme. You can get fancy and create child themes for the other groups if you wish and if you want to work even harder you can allow the other organizations to run different themes that you can make available to them (but they’ll expect support).

    Another option might be BuddyPress but I think I’d go with the multisite myself. Multisite will save you some overhead and storage while bringing everything together.

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