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  • Hi all,

    Currently working on a website for a friend of mine for his business. He wants a feature called ‘How to choose a shredder’ whereby you go in and answer 5 questions (based on pre-set options) and based on your answers to the 5 questions, the products are filtered accordingly.

    The brief had this as his ideal setup:

    With as the results.

    Wondering if someone can offer me the best plugin to replicate this as close as possible. I have a flow chart showing how the results are to be based on if that’s of any help

    I’m fairly sure that based on the fact that it’s a process of elimination type feature, that it can be replicated with a search plugin, i’ve just got no idea which one!

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  • jmcn


    I have a client project with the same challenge. Is there a plugin that can be adapted for use in making a flow chart, tree diagram, decision tree, etc?

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