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  • I am using a plugin that allows me to add Categories and Tags to items in the Media Library. This allows me to use the default WordPress Gallery Shortcode but specify a tag or media category, instead of selecting the ID’s of images. (So, for example, this shortcode builds a nice gallery [gallery media_category="dogs"])
    Thisworks great for Galleries. But I would love to find a slider or carousel plugin that respects the extra taxonomy of media_categories.

    Any suggestions for a slider or carousel plugin that is so native to WordPress, that it can take a Gallery shortcode that selects its images via media_category, and present it as a slider or carousel?

    Alternately, and slider or carousel plugin that can actually read and respect the added taxonomy of media_category?

    BTW, I have gone through a ton of slider plugins, but there are SO many, it seems endless and loading and unloading 25+ plugins seems like the wrong way to go about getting the right answer.

    I have found several options, including the popular Shortcodes Ultimate plugin that has a slider shortcode that seem to respect media_categories, in that they let me declare them, and their GUI lets me select the option of using a taxonomy instead of IDs to build a slider or carousel, but the output never returns any images. Since my plugin and the slider plugins both claim to be 100% WordPress compatible with the Gallery shortcode, it is hard to find a developer to take this on and debug it – they each think the issue is with the other developer’s code.

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  • Thanks to the excellent support from the Shortcodes Ultimate developer, I received a bit of code that makes his slider shortcode work with a custom taxonomy filter.
    This is a great solution, but since that is not a full-blown, fully featured slider tool, I am still looking for any other suggestions I can get.

    BTW, in case this is useful to anyone, I guess some sliders cannot support filtering by a custom media taxonomy because, to quote the Shortcodes Ultimate developer, “It’s related to post_status=inherit added to media posts, while gallery/sliders only look for posts with post_status=publish.

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