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  • Hello to my fellow WP enthusiasts!

    I need a preferably simple and lightweight but robust plugin that will allow access to certain posts and pages for a user group. One user may be a member of zero to any number of groups.

    Two major uses:
    1) Travel posts placed to a restricted category accessible to a select group of users during the trip. After the trip I will remove the group restriction from the category to allow public access.
    2) “Member” pages and posts accessible to users in designated groups. Such as restricted Club member content or business client specific content.

    Note! The restriction must be complete in a way that for non-group members (and not logged in users) it would be as if the posts or pages do not exist. This includes the feeds as well.

    I am currently using Role Scoper but looking for a simpler solution due to the performance hit RS puts on my site. Also RS is an overkill as I have no need to mess with user roles.

    Please do not recommend a list of plugins that are:
    – just a results of a Google search (done that)
    – outdated and possibly no longer developed
    – you have no actual admin experience of

    My site is in Finnish but you are welcome to visit:
    Thank you! 🙂

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