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  1. 19checkmate91
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking forward to getting more involved in this Forum! I am very grateful for any help any of you could offer for my situation.

    I have been involved in graphic design for some time, however I have recently began learning about the world of WordPress.

    I am currently working for a company as a graphic designer. They have asked me to do a side project - which is to create a very simple website for their Notary. They want it simple, professional, and not flashy. Everythiing needs to be very visible as the audience of the site will include seniors (i.e. no small buttons, etc) Because it is so simple, I thought that I could simply set up a WordPress site. (I usually design in photoshop, and out source to a coder)

    I have been looking around for a simple theme that would work, and am having some trouble finding one. The free ones are slightly lacking in quality, and the premium ones are too expansive.

    Here is a link to another Notary website that is similar to one they are looking for:

    Any guidance to a specific theme? or a good resource to find them would be great


  2. I would recommend that you start with a theme that is bare bones and has hardly any styling and then just add the styles that you need. I have a starter theme that I use for all of my sites and it's fantastic.

    Having said that, working with WordPress is mostly css. You mentioned you outsourced the coding. If you're css coding are not great, I would stick with twentyten or twentyeleven and make a child theme.

  3. 19checkmate91
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank You Christine.

    I have just researched child themes and they seem very useful. My CSS is very rusty. Last summer I learned the basics, but have not really used it since than.

    With Child themes, and adding styles, is it simply changing the colour/shape/size of the parts of the site? Or can you actually change the layout as well?

    It seems as though the better you get with WordPress, the less it becomes a template for websites, and the more it simply becomes a CMS system for a website you design yourself.

  4. anju.s
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i am currently learning css and i havr a very little knowledge about it

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