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  • OK, I know that title isn’t very descriptive, but I’m having trouble coming up with the words to describe what I’m looking for.

    Essentially I’m running a WP with Buddypress for an organization of about 150+ people. I don’t want to spend all day typing in names, e-mail addresses, and other user info manually, so to save myself the hassle I want them to be able to register themselves. Easy enough, right?

    Right. That part is easy enough, but I also need to ensure that I can review and verify each account manually (I know everyone and have a printed roster) before they can actually log in with that newly registered account, and the Buddypress side of it needs to be kept private from outsiders who are not logged in.

    I’ve already installed “Private BuddyPress” and “Confirm User Registration”, but the problem arises when new users register and are sent that e-mail confirmation link. If they click on it, WP tells them their account is ready to use and of course– it’s not.

    To make matters worse, if I approve them before they click on that e-mailed link, all kinds of funky chicken dancing takes place making the whole experience even more unpleasant. Of course there is no way for me to know if they have clicked on that e-mail link, so things can get a little hairy in that arena.

    At one time I seem to recall a plugin that would bypass that new user e-mail link, but I can’t seem to find it now. Does anyone know where it’s at or know of a plugin that works miracles and does what I want automagically?

    Any suggestions?

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