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looking for a plugin…

  • Hi,

    Does the following exist as a plugin or a hack by any chance? Or is it possible using the default WP options (I haven’t seen something like this, though).

    I would like to have links that I include in a post as links in my links list – i.e., that I’d be able to add a link to a post and at the same time also add it to my links list in the appropriate category, or be able to create a new category for it – -is this something that’s possible – does it exist?



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  • Mark (podz)
    Support Maven


    I’ve not seen such a plugin.

    If there was, I would imagine that you would need to flag a link for either inclusion or non-inclusion considering that you would not want every single link to be added in that way.
    Have you bookmarked the “Link this” bookmarklet ?

    I would need such a flag – yes – I just thought such an option would be handy and save plenty of time…

    As for the link this option… what/where is it?… sorry for bein’ so new to all of this.


    Mark (podz)
    Support Maven


    Login > Links > Add Links
    Scroll to the bottom.

    OK, at the risk of sounding totally ignorant… does mozilla mean IE as well, and if so, what did they mean when they wrote *drag* to *toolbar*… which toolbar, and how can I drag that link?… I couldn’t find info on this in the codex…

    and thanks for all your help so far.


    James Huff
    Support Team Rep.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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