Looking for a plugin where editors can insert pre defined code snippets (3 posts)

  1. djlaszlo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I've been browsing around through the plugins directory but couldn't find anything that might be what I'm looking for.

    We have 10+ writers for our blog, and I want to ad one or two banners within each post. (I'm using the AdServe-plugin.) Since I want to add the ads inside the posts i need to add the AdServce-code, [!AdServe:zone!], manually inside each post. To make this easier for each editor to add this snippet of code, instead of copying and pasting, I'm wondering if there is a plugin that, for an example, adds another button above the post field (1) among the format and insert media buttons, where I as editor can add different predefined code or text snippets, and the editors simply can chose from a drop down menu (or whatever) between all the codes snippets that are avaliable. (2)

    I've made a picture, maybe it's easier to understand what I'm after http://www.digitallife.se/temp/addcode.jpg :)

    There might be better, easier and more clever solutions to this. I'm not a programmer and therefore I'm not thinking like one...anything that does the trick will be fine :)

  2. moshu
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I don't know any solution when using the wysiwyg monster (because I never use it).

    If the wysiwyg is turned off, there is always the possibility to add as many quicktags as you want. I always add special quicktags for my clients.

    See the tutorial:

  3. djlaszlo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Perfect - exactly what I was lookng for. Thank you!

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