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    I’m looking for a membership plugin that can allow users to come to my site and buy access to individual pages. So far everyone seems to have a plugin that allows access to whatever pages are under that subscription but I would like people to be able to subscribe to multiple pages at once. Hopefully this can be done with your plug in please let me know.

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  • Could you please elaborate?
    Do you want them to buy subscriptions on a per-page basis?
    If this is so, you’ll need a Pay Per View plugin.

    The membership plugin works like this:

    • You create some access levels.
      Each access level gives access to some content. That can be a single page, a category or anything you can think of.
    • Then, you create some subscription levels. Each subscription level can have one or more access levels assigned to it.

    When a user buys a subscription, he’ll be assigned the proper access levels and gain access to the content that you have specified.

    Does that make it any more clear?


    There are plenty of plugins that can allow a user to buy a subscription level and get access to pages that were previously restricted but I cant find any plugins that allow a user to subscribe to multiple pages. On my website I dont want to have subscription levels that give access to a section of the our site. I want users to be able to buy access to specific pages. For example if I am selling videos I want to user to not be able to view the each video until they pay for access to each video. I hope that explains what im trying to do.

    I completely understand what you want.
    Did you click on the link I posted earlier? That’s exactly what you asked for!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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