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  • Mitch


    I have a Amateur Radio Operators only Blog Network for licensed Ham radio operators only and they all have Call signs so I changed username to say callSign in sign up. While all hamradio Operators Kno what this means Spammers and Bots automatically put in there usernames.

    I used to be a member of wpmudev but not anymore. I’m using the anti slog pugin and it works great, Also using the TOS Plug in, but I need more
    I feel that just changing the username to callsign is not enough to say Hay we are a closed network for only a certain group.
    I thought about the plug in that the admin would manually have to say yes to allow them but the problem is I don’t know if it is someone that is not an amateur radio operator offering electronics and / or support to amateur radio operators (they are allowed blogs also).

    So to make a long story you just read short and to the point. I need a plug in that will allow some one to tell me why they should be allowed a blog this way not hams supporting the ham community can join.

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