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  1. tmophoto
    Posted 4 years ago #

    trying to find a very basic shopping cart that has 3 basic products: 35mm, square, panoramic photos, each of the three products will have separate pricing and a bunch of options that will change the price.

    I do not want to manually add size, finishing, paper type, mounting, framing (each with multiple options) to each of my products, that will take forever.

    is there a shopping cart that will let me build 3 complex pages and then use them as a template to add new photos to a store? the only variables after choosing one of the templates would be description and image.

    this has been driving me crazy for a week and there has to be a way of automating this rather than having to spend 10-15+ min for each product.


  2. Pali Madra
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey Thomas,

    I was also looking for a shopping cart plugin for a website which I'm working on. I visited your website and there is a shopping cart there. May I request you to share the plugin that you are using and what is your personal feedback on the plugin.

    Thanks in advance

    Pali Madra

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